Patrick Lenton is a writer, journalist, and author living in Melbourne, Australia. He is the Editor of pop-culture and entertainment publication Junkee.  He is the author of the book of short stories A Man Made Entirely of Bats, the book of comedic essays Uncle Hercules and Other Lies, and the full length short story collection Sexy Tales of Paleontology.

He is the recipient of the Thiel Grant for Online Writing, and has been shortlisted for the Viva la Novella prize, The Novella Project,  Scribe Nonfiction Prize, Qantas SOYA prize, and yet more shortlists. He won the Canadian Club Best Comedy Award at the Sydney Fringe. He writes The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. He tells stories on Twitter like ‘Skyrim Dog’ and ‘The Time I Faked My Own Death’. He was a member of a poetry boyband called The Bracket Creeps.

His fiction and memoir has appeared in The Best Australian Stories, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, Growing Up Queer In Australia, The Lifted Brow, Going Down Swinging, The Canary Press, Scum Mag, Voiceworks and more.

He is a regular contributor to Daily Life, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Vocal, VICE i-d and more.

He is a regular performer at shows like Story Club, Queerstories, ITs The News and more.

He also runs Town Crier, a digital marketing consultancy for authors.